Live Video Feed Shalati Sunrise

Feeling like you’re missing out on the wildlife being seen from Kruger Shalati? In conjunction with Africams, we proudly bring you three live streams from the bridge and surrounding areas. The cameras are strategically placed in the most sought-after locations for maximum observation of the Big 5, predators, exceptional migratory birds and rare wildlife. We’ll be recording uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, and there’ll be highlight reels available in case you miss any of the animal sightings.

Other Videos


Join James Hendry as he explores the Kruger Shalati property, showcasing all there is to do as well as what to look out for. He also introduces Africam and their locations for live viewing from our precinct. Learn about our history and the wildlife you can expect to see from the bridge.

A Stunning Sunrise at Kruger Shalati

Enjoy the peaceful morning light from the Shalati Sunrise camera.

Elephant Herd Walking Through Long Grass

An elephant herd moved through the long grass at Kruger Shalati.

A Buffalo Calf Suckling

A sweet scene of a buffalo calf suckling and a huge terrapin swimming past.

Elephant Walks Along Sabie River

An elephant walks along the Sabie River by Kruger Shalati